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Wire Brush

Wire Brush

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Perfect Detachable Deshedding Tool for Your Pets!

Use this Wire Brush to remove up to 95% of your pet’s shedding hair.

Not only will you save time from having to vacuum or sweep up loose pet hair, but the grooming will take just a few minutes.

This detachable Wire Brush not only provides quality bonding time for you and your pet, but also saves time.

Its stainless steel blade removes excess hair so that you can easily inspect for tics and other skin ailments. Regular brushing will help prevent tangling and knots that can cause discomfort.


  • Stainless steel blade trims off lose hair without hurting your pet.
  • Protective cover for the stainless steel blade ensures longevity.
  • Removable blade.
  • Sturdy handle for comfort and control.

Recommended by veterinarians.

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