Giant Tennis Ball For Dogs (24cm-9.4")
Giant Tennis Ball For Dogs (24cm-9.4")

Giant Tennis Ball For Dogs (24cm-9.4")

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Your dog is going to go crazy over this jumbo tennis ball!

It is much thicker than a normal pet tennis ball for superior durability. 

Some testimonials:

"Great ball! It was fun watching my dog trying to get the ball in his mouth and we all had a good laugh. Will buy another for his b-day. Will buy again next year for his b-day"

"My dog loves this! This brand is sturdy and my dog loves kicking this around."

"My Corgi LOVES this as a toy. It makes a great ball for running around in the back yard." 



  • Suitable for all dog sizes!
  • Made of strong rubber and tennis ball felt.
  • Super size 24cm (9.4") ball.
  • Note: Since the ball is over-sized, please be aware that the ball will be shipped deflated.
  • Non toxic & environmentally friendly.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Limited Time Only.
  • This item is NOT available in stores.