Charlie Buddy - Hand picked products for your dogs and cats-Cat Toilet Trainer Litter Kwitter
Charlie Buddy - Hand picked products for your dogs and cats-Cat Toilet Trainer Litter Kwitter
Charlie Buddy - Hand picked products for your dogs and cats-Cat Toilet Trainer Litter Kwitter

Cat Toilet Trainer Litter Kwitter

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You love your cat, but you hate cat poo. It's hard because until now you've not been able to have one without the other. (Unless you can find someone who hates cats but loves cat poo, of course!)

Litter Kwitter lets you keep your pussy cat but avoid the poop! So you can have your cake and eat it - or something like that.

Litter Kwitter is a toilet training kit that teaches your cat to use the toilet in under 8 weeks. You do it by gradually changing your cat's behaviour step by step, so it is finally able to go to the toilet all by itself without any help!

The training consists of three steps: a red, a yellow and a green. The symbolism of a traffic light is no accident! For each step, you get a disc with a different sized hole in the centre that you place on the toilet using the cat seat supplied.


Start with the red disc which doesn't have a hole in the middle. Begin by placing the disc on the floor and filling it with cat litter, just like a regular litter tray. When the unsuspecting cat has started using it, it's time to put it on the toilet so the cat has to jump up onto your toilet to do its business.

The next step is to replace the red disc with the yellow one which has a small hole in the middle. The cat will now start to get used to balancing on the edges and accept that there is less cat litter.

When it's managed this, it's time to pick up the green disc which has a large hole in the middle and not much cat litter. Your cat will now get used to peeing and pooing right into the toilet. Towards the end of the green stage, you also remove the cat litter and complete the training by removing the ring completely and letting your fully trained cat use the toilet without any help!

Throughout the training period, you can use the toilet as normal by simply lifting away the Litter Kwitter and putting it back when you're done.

Litter Kwitter has been developed in cooperation with vets and specialists in cat behaviour. The reason why cats scrape the cat litter over their excrement is that they want to hide the smell. Because the cat poo doesn't smell when it's in the toilet water, the cat no longer needs to scrape the cat litter.

Almost all cats, both young and old, can learn to use the toilet with Litter Kwitter, but if your cat is older than 5-6 years, you should expect a slightly longer learning process. Kittens under 3 months should not use the Litter Kwitter.

Litter Kwitter fits virtually all standard size toilets. Click through our images in the top right to see a sketch of how big your toilet needs to be.

Litter Kwitter was invented in Australia by Jo Lapidge who has won several awards for her innovation.

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